New apartment house FATRAPARK

New apartment house FATRAPARK

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It is economic and cultural center of the lower Liptov with a rich history. The core of the city wasprotected from socialist construction. It is relatively well preserved and was declared aconservation area. Craft are preserved here and bourgeois houses from the 18th century in theoriginal street pattern, as well as more secular and sacred monuments in particular. The amount of exhibits documenting the history of the city and region can be admired in the museumLiptovský exposures. It also offers various exhibitions such. art shows, or the Association of Slovak photographers. In Ludovit Fulla Gallery you can see the work of painting and decorative arts Ludovit Fulla, one of the founders of modern Slovak painting.

In the city there are sports stadiums, ice rink, football stadium, swimming pool, basketball hall, cinema KULTURA.


  • VLKOLÍNEC - 3 km

Nearby is a typical village Vlkolínec, registered in the UNESCO list of world. Folk Architecture Reserve is preserved whole original folk architecture. In the village there is a museum objectFarmer's house with the exposure of the original housing. Vlkolínec you give your visitors the Slovak countryside atmosphere of past centuries. Nowadays there live about 20 people.


  • ČERNOVÁ - 3 km

File monuments Černová massacres of 1907, comprising:

Roman - Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rosary - Gothic, memorable place Černová massacre, memorial and cemetery Černová,birthplace of Andrej Hlinka.

These memorable places reminiscent of the Slovaks struggle against Hungarian oppression in Hungaria.


  • HAVRÁNOK - 19 km

 Archaeological site is located on the hill Repository Liptovska Mara. Here were found thesettlement of the younger Iron Age. Buildings, homes, sacrificial ground, oven and various itemshave been restored and create an archaeological museum. In addition, there are reconstructionsof Celtic buildings, reconstructing the medieval church. Sightseeing about 30 min.




Largest natural exposure in Slovakia Museum of Slovak Village in Martin. It contains almost a hundred buildings Slovak folk architecture. The whole environment is adapted so that the visitor will feel to visit in the past. Here represent the folk artists, craftsmen and folk ensembles.



In the beautiful surroundings of nature is excluded Brestová Museum - Museum of Orava village.There are wooden, peasant-craftsman homes with yards and farm buildings, barns, stables,historic mill, sawmill.


  • PRIBYLINA 42 km

Museum of Liptov in Pribilina is extended exposure Liptov Museum in Ružomberok. Incurred in connection with the construction of the dam Liptovská Mara. Documenting the folk architecture Liptov regularly held events here approaching Liptovské habits. The area is dominated by the Gothic church of Virgin Mary from Liptovská Mary.



  •  LIKAVKA 6 km

Ruins of the castle Likava stands on a high limestone cliff. The origins of the castle dates back to12th century. In the ruins of the castle since 1980 conducted archaeological research andconservation work. Leads to the castle trail of Ruzomberok.



 Also called Castle Liptov ,Liptovský old castle, the Great Castle liptovský, Sielnický castle. He named the entire region. On the ruins of the castle Liptovský can get down the sidewalk from the village Kalameny. Archaeological exhibition in the nature of the castle above the village LiptovKalameny eject the exposure Liptov Museum in Ružomberok. Entrance to the castle is free.


  • ORAVSKÝ CASTLE - 22 km

 Above the village Oravský castle off the Orava Castle, which has long been fortified castle.Several times a year an inspection is carried Orava Castle in the night-light animated attractions, Castle Festival guests and amateur theater groups.



The ruins of a Gothic castle with attached Renaissance castle built on a small hill in the middleplane, from which it was originally divided moat. Located north of the feeder to the highway D-1.Originally there was a lowland castle with moat, which is maintained in the form of lakes. The castle burnt down in 1803 and only restored mansion. The upper castle in 1930, partly to ensureagainst collapse. Today the castle is used for recreational purposes.



  • Svätý kríž Around 14 km from Liptovský Mikuláš in the village of Svätý Kríž standing wooden church, one of the largest wooden buildings in Central Europe with an incredible capacity of 6000 seats.
  • Church of St. Andrew, LiptovskýOndrej
  • All Saints Church, Ludrová
  • Church. John the Baptist, LiptovskýJán
  • Church sv. Martin, Martinček
  • Church sv. Simon and James Ark Locus, Sliače


Western City Šiklův Mlýn

Western City Šiklův Mill area is fun, rest and relaxation. Located in the heart of tourist area Liptov next Liptovský Mikuláš and together with the Aquapark Tatralandia is the largest entertainment and relaxation complex in Slovakia.

The area offers many possibilities for the use of individual tourists and organized groups and businesses.

In the area of ​​Western City will find many opportunities for active play. In summer, try gold panning, horseback riding, pony to train Union Pacific and others. In winter in the evening try to show dexterity on electric bull dance skills in teaching country dances and courage in the night haunted train rides Union Pacific. In Mexico in Hall's corner with toys, coloring books and entertain even the slightest.

Amusement Park Western Šiklův Mill City is divided into four parts:

Mexican - we can find a Mexican restaurant Mexico Hall, souvenirs, gravedigger at the Bar

Cowboy - find sheriff Saloon Golden nugget, Coral - covered for riding horses, train Union Pacific, Refreshment Station Cowboy, or confectioner's Sweet Sue.

in the Indian part of the tipi to see Indians, try archery, Are you interested in souvenirs and refreshments Indian trapper grill.

Amphitheater, a natural amphitheater where you can enjoy a western theater 5 times a day and concert music stars.

During the inspection, the town will also meet with several animals. Most of them can be seen here only in summer season - horses, dogs, birds of prey, bizónka, cap with a girlfriend and a few small piglets. In the winter you have fun in the program where you can see the bridge Odyssey Dream dogs and Kisumu and Lamu Sancho beloved audience. Throughout the year, town guards, female German Shepherd Dog Brenda.

New during the winter season is haunted train. Visitors to survive the ride full of tension, fear and fantasy entertainment. Program Western Šiklův Mill City is a suitable variation to dinner after a day skiing or stay in the Aquapark.

Western pass-favored-day ticket to the Western City Šiklův Mill and Aquapark - combine swimming with western entertainment



Mountain summer bobsled, is the first track of its kind in Slovakia. Special foreign technologies enable the Low Tatras ultimate driving experience. Mountain summer bobsleigh track is located 5 km from the LM at Demänovská valley near Pavč. Lehota.

It is intended for:

- Children 2-7 years if accompanied by a person / 15 years /,

- Sporty driving enthusiasts and adrenaline,

- Quiet relaxing ride for the first born.

It can be run individually or in pairs.

Track has a length of 1 km, height 120 m elevation, 16 bends, 6 terrain jumps, 2 ramps



New apartment house FATRAPARK