New apartment house FATRAPARK

New apartment house FATRAPARK

Thermal and natural pools

GINO PARADISE - Bešeňová - Pricelist 2015/2016

GINO PARADISE - Bešeňová - thermal baths 13 km
The Park Bešeňová before the winter season opened a new convention center, which offers a capacity for 500 people.
Outdoor pools:
large swimming pool, a small swimming pool, 3 relaxation pools, children's pool with slides
For all ages, Water temperature 27 to 40 degrees
The pools are open year round
Indoor pools:
sitting pool with many attractions, a large swimming pool with a stainless steel slide, children's pool with slide, water mushroom, or hedgehog

Gino paradise Bešeňová before the winter season is opened a new convention center, which offers a capacity for 500 people.

Outdoor pools:

large swimming pool, a small swimming pool, 3 relaxation pools, children's pool with slides for all ages, Water temperature 27 to 40 degrees.

The pools are open whole year.
Indoor pools:

sitting pool with many attractions, a large swimming pool with a stainless steel slide, children's pool with slide, water mushroom or hedgehog.


 All pools are made of stainless steel, impregnated by drinking warm water with temperature 27-40 degrees


  • Hip bath: plenty of attractions in the pool (underwater bench, air bench, massage jets, spouts, bubblers) Reflector adds a special ambiance lighting pools. Water temperature is 36 - 40 ° C.
  • Large swimming pool - stainless steel slide, shots, massage jets.


Along the perimeter of the pools with a total length of 43 m, with an elevation of 4.5 m are sofas stairs.


  • Children's pool -slides, water mushroom, water hedgehog



Open year round atrium with stainless whirlpools in the open air.


  • Vital World: sauna world with lots of offers for strengthening the immune system, stress relief, relaxation, rest and peace of mind inhalation, Roman bath, sauna, massage, special baths


  • Relax center: the eternal freshness, health and well-being of mind and body massages by qualified physiotherapists and masseurs, light therapy, solarium, fitness, aerobics, relaxation room and game room.


Gothal Liptovská Osada


Many opportunities for various sports activities.

Part of the resort's extensive sports and wellness section which you will find:



  • heated football stadium with artificial grass quality and the latest generation of lighting, indoor ice rink open all year round.
  • curling, climbing wall,
  • 25 m indoor swimming pool with heated water and all year long,
  • open 50-meter swimming pool with heated water with the possibility of year-round operation,
  • covered all sport hall (indoor soccer, tennis, basketball, badminton)
  • a small ski resort with a kindergarten and ski school.
  • ski slope on the blades of the summer track 1000 m,
  • rental and repair of skis and mountain bikes.
  • playground, playground for teenagers - roller skates, skateboard,
  • squash, fitness, bowling,
  • rehabilitation and wellness center - wellness, bike trails maintained summer and winter trails, horseback riding - hypotherapy (use of existing opportunities in the village)
  • The ski area, which will in future be linked from Donovaly to Liptovská Osada and Liptovské Revúce.




Spa Lúčky 15 km


Spa Lucky lie in the mountain, on the south facing slopes of the valley below Choc, between Orava and Liptov at an altitude of 621 m. They are located at a distance of 14 km northeast of Ruzomberok.

Today are well-known spa center in Slovakia.

The decisive factor in the complex spa treatment is a thermal mineral water spa spring with temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. Good results are achieved mainly by combining peaceful and pleasant environment and the therapeutic effects of the mineral spring.

The spa is multifaceted for cultural and sport activities:

speeches celebrities, folklore, trips, the opportunity to play golf, there is also a cinema.


The High Tatras climatic spa and ended reclassified to equipment for tourism. Lucania therefore decided to extend the illustrative list of just a disease hitherto treated in the Tatras. "We baths, located in a beautiful mountain area with ideal conditions for the treatment of airway problems. Patients are thus open new possibilities for quality treatment and for us again the way to get more clients health insurance, "explains Director of Spa Lucky Anastázia Mičková.

AQUAPARK Tatralandia 25 km

Price list


One of the water park for families with children is also aquapark Tatralandia.

and there is children's BIO sauna suitable for children from 3 years, which will assist in building a strong immunity from early childhood. Celtic Sauna world at the same time complement by Tatranská sauna with Himalayan salt and Tatra lake.


Tropical Paradise,Year-round indoor complex with a temperature of 30 ° is unique

its the transparent roof, permeable sun's rays, swimming pool with sea

the clear water including snorkelling pool and a lively palm trees.

Of course there are water slides and outdoor pool with thermal water.


Tatralandia is the largest area of water fun and relaxation in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland, and also the most successful project of tourism in Slovakia last 10 years that you have to visit and once you will certainly return again ...

It is located in the beautiful scenery of mountains at the northern shore of the lake Liptovská Mara overlooking the West and Low Tatras. It is only 2 km from the center of Liptovsky Mikulas and easily accessible from all main roads.


Water attractions:

11 thermal pools

8 year-round pools with medicinal mineral water (3 covered), with water

temperature 24-39 ° C, with lots of attractions: swimming lanes,

aquapontoons for walking, water climbing wall, massage seats,

water beds, water mushroom, spouts, fountains, water jets,

water swing, water volleyball and basketball, children's slides, ...

3 seasonal pools with clear heated water with a temperature of 24-26 ° C: a children's pool with interactive castle, swimming pool with 21 attractions and 25 m swimming pool. 23 tube slides and water slides


Summer City:

Inflatable attractions (castles, slides ...), trampolines, mazes, children's boating, water football, train Tralaláčik, giant chess, table tennis, beach volleyball and football fields, umbrellas, parking ...



Fun arena, vital world Tatra-Therm-Vital, Wellness Paradise procedures, funicular Tarzánia, paintball, restaurants and buffets ...

Funny raft tube!

Banana Fun - family raft tube - 77 m long ride the whole family

Black Magic - great news in Central Europe, 62 m long - scary

Horse triple-raft with a light and sound show, which features in the belly of a black hole can speak with the spirits of pirates!



Tropical spa with indoor pool Ocean:

- Fountain, water massage beds, spouts, bubblers, massage jets

- Swimming section, mysterious underwater lighting

- The water temperature to 36 ° C

Pirates children's pool with Jumbo castle and moat full of surprises

- Endless water fun not only for the smallest

- Slides, water games, palm trees, exotic animals

Palm Beach

- Palm garden + comfortable couches and chairs overlooking the Tatras, transparent roof with light effects raises or night, or in the winter sun and seaside tranquility.


Aquarelax Dolny Kubin 19 km


Brand new water park in Slovakia Aquarelax Dolny Kubin offers water world from which to get the exterior grounds, swimming pool, jacuzzi, massage, water bar at affordable prices.

Aqua is part of massage and rehabilitation center, which brings relief in body and soul. The therapy is a massage that relieves fatigue and improves body regeneration. It helps relieve weakness, muscle stiffness and soreness. Relieves tension in aching muscles, encourages slow blood circulation and helps excrete accumulated toxins. Relieves stress and creates emotional balance.


Aquarelax Dolny Kubin, moreover, still preparing various preferred shares that establish you that you have decided on the correct water park.

Aquarelax Dolny Kubin is only a short walk from Ruzomberok. Open year round!


Thermal bath Liptovsky Jan 36 km

Village Liptovsky Jan is in the Low Tatras on the northern side Jánska valley. Thermal bath Liptovsky Jan is built in the village. On travertine hill is thermal springs region thermal and mineral springs. Belong to cold to very low thermal, weakly to strongly dioxide, nitrogen weakly mineralized waters hydrogen sulphide.

Watering consists of four pools:

swimming (50 m x 25 m, 27 ° C)

circular seat (28 ° C)

ring children (28 ° C)

children with a circular fountain (27 ° C)

They are open from June to September.

Visitors can also use the services of an indoor swimming pool with thermal water at the hotel in May, along with massage, sauna, solarium.

Thermal water has a demonstrable healing properties:

cures skin diseases, musculoskeletal system, metabolism, female, nervous and even heart disease and blood vessels.


shower, massage room, dressing room, safe, the buffet, mini golf, tennis court, playground for water volleyball, parking




Paths of modern water park located in the Orava region - Western Tatras, almost on the border with Poland, just a few kilometers from Zakopane.

From a depth of 1611 m natural thermal water springs with beneficial effect of temperature 58 ° C, which flows into all the pools in the Meander Park thermal area of 1545 m2.

The thermal water is highly mineralized sodium - calcium - magnesium - sulphurous high iron content. Direct access to the indoor and outdoor pools allows bathing in any weather and any season.

Pools are open 12 months of the year!

In the area there are changing rooms, restaurant, bistro, coffee, tea garden, a large sports and relaxation pool, large and small relaxation pool, cooling pool, massage room.

The pools are equipped with water attractions:

artificial waves, swimming section, bubble seats, bubble bench, geyser, water mushroom, spouts, massage jets. And terrace with sun loungers.


Hrabovská dam 0 km

In summer Hrabovská dam one of the most visited resorts in the area FatraPark. A free swimming, diving, boating and various water attractions right in the area just a few meters from the accommodation Grabovska valley also attracts visitors from the surrounding area.


Liptovská Mara 15 km

In summer, the most important holiday resort. Every year there relax thousands camper. There are swimming, surfing, sailing, windsurfing school, boating, water cycling, golf, fishing.

Scenic boat cruise Liptov - 80 seats - all provide camp Liptovsky Mikuláš.


Šútovo 20 km

The village lies at the foot Šútovo Mala Fatra National Park, 20 km west of Ruzomberok. In summer, swimming, diving, boating and surfing on the natural lake River.

The village is an attractive starting point to Šútovská valley, at the end of which is Šútovský waterfall 38 m high.

New apartment house FATRAPARK