New apartment house FATRAPARK

New apartment house FATRAPARK

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In Liptov region there are optimal conditions for road bike lovers. The motorway connecting Ivachnová and Važec enables other minor roads with lower density of traffic to practise this kind of sport. The most popular routes - round Liptovská Mara, across Čiernovážská valley or Demänovská valley. Many tourists combine walking with cycling.






Hrabovská valley and its surroundings offer many miles of marked and unmarked trails suitable for beginners but also for adrenaline enthusiasts.

Possibility of renting the bike.

BICYCLE € 10 / day (the price paid using the Card-liptov min. 2 pcs.





Cycle tours Ružomberok:


  • From Ružomberok to Biely Potok - 15 minutes. At the end of the village next to Vlčí dvor - motel turn off the main road. Turn right, along the cow barn. At the next crossroad turn left and through the Trlenská valley you get to Vlkolínec/ UNESCO-monument. Length - 18 km, medium difficulty
  • South of Ružomberok through the village of Biely Potok. You can use the main road, or cycle routes (red colour), you get soon to Podsuchá (Bodega inn). You can harden your body in cold water. Back - the same road. Length - 21 km, difficulty - easy.


Around Liptovská Mara 40 km

  • Bešeňová-Liptovská sielnica-Liptovský Mikuláš-Partizánska Ľupča


Dolný Liptov 58 km

  • Ružomberok -Liptovská Osada-Liptovská Lužná-Železné-Partizánska Ľupča-Bešeňová-Ružomberok


Demänovská Dolina 16km

  •  Liptovský Mikuláš-Jasná


From Ružomberok fhrough Turík, Lúčky and back

  • The route is also suitable for less able-bodied cyclists. Map: Liptov - tourist map (scale 1:100 000) Top routes - crossing and rail crossing under Paračkou - towards the Liptovská Teplá. Nature is mostly mountainous road from Turík to Lúčok coniferous canopy of the forest, with a beautiful view of the mountains choc.



Want to try something unusual?

Export comfortable by 8-seat cabin cableway ride and experience the adrenaline of mountain scooters from Malino Brdo. There are scooters for adults and children over 6 years, part of the equipment is a helmet and cycling gloves.


For less experienced children and is suitable for asphalt road (white) 5 km in length, more adventurous can take the easiest route in the bike park nu. 1 (green) - rookie line. See the map in the gallery

New apartment house FATRAPARK