New apartment house FATRAPARK

New apartment house FATRAPARK

Massage in Fatrapark

Massage has been long been regarded as an excellent means of relaxation, eliminates fatigue and pain. We choose it according to the problem that we solve the massage. Whether we want to get rid of pain or simply desire to indulge your body relax. At the Fatrapark we offer the following types of massage.


Classic massage

Classical massage improves blood circulation in skin-classic massage helps relieve stiff and aching muscles. T he skin on your body can become more flexible and can avoid the pain, due to stiff muscles - for example in the neck, between the shoulder blades and lower back. It helps with migraine s, and on recovery of muscles and joints. It is suitable for disorders of the musculoskeletal, nervous and digestive systems, but also in preparation for sports performance, or as a means to refresh and eliminate fatigue.




Magic hot stone massage


Property stones absorb, maintain and gradually heat transfer has a positive effect not only on the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle fibers, but causes significant congestion of blood vessels, improves circulation and oxygenation of blood, tissues and accelerates the metabolic detoxification of the body. A positive impact on the lymphatic system, relaxing muscles associated with pain relief..





Cupping regulates the flow of blood. It helps to pull the harmfulness

(cold, wind, heat, humidity) on the surface and their exclusion. Banks are heated by warm air inside. The massage vacuum Bank adheres on skin using a gentle thrust fault is removed blood flow, metabolism and accelerate the leaching of accumulated pollutants from the body. Cupping a beneficial effect on the muscles, dilated blood vessels and also has a positive effect on rheumatism..


Honey detoxication massage


Massage honey bee's body removed from the sediment, which over

life accumulated in the deep tissues around the spinal column. During massage toxins are passed along to the skin and are like "chewing gum mass." Honey massage is suitable for headaches, chronic fatigue, difficulty in falling asleep, for depression, allergies, rheumatism in muscles and joints, arthritis, gastric and intestinal disorders, fertility and potency ...




Reflex foot massage


The feet are reflective tabs entire human body. Their stimulation at various points to positively influence specific body parts and internal organs. Massage improves mobility of limbs after injuries, positively affects the function of internal organs, reduces stress and helps to release endorphins (chemicals that induce a good mood).






Manual lymph drainage massage


The aim of massage is to cleanse and invigorate the lymphatic system in the body.Massage is also recommended to increase immunity. It is suitable for surgery, trauma, and effectively removes swelling of lower and upper limbs after irradiation, for arthritis and rheumatic pain, smoothing on fresh scars, relieves body tension, relaxes the airways, improves the condition of internal organs. It helps in faster recovery after physical exercise, hiking, sports. Improves condition of 10 to 15%, so it is suitable for performance athletes.


Head Massage

This amazing massage relieves tension and stress, which has been slowly a normal part of our lives. In addition, the beneficial effects against fatigue, insomnia, and also promotes the growth and quality of hair. Indian head massage is useful because it is especially important to massage the energy centers.

Beneficial effects relieves stress, insomnia, fatigue, eliminating tinnitus is soothing, relaxing, reduces migraines, promotes hair growth, improves starting koncentráciu.Pred head massage to release through the throat, neck and shoulder massage to the massage účinná.Indická heads is performed in a seated position.

Massage a few iterations can reduce or stop a migraine. India has been in use for over a thousand years, and this set of massage strokes typically transferred already to the children.

Possible combination of massage - the most used and most effective combination: Classical massage and cupping


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New apartment house FATRAPARK