New apartment house FATRAPARK

New apartment house FATRAPARK

Your frequently asked questions

Here are preparing answers to frequently asked questions and the information that will help make your stay in our Fatrapark.






How will you get to Fatrapark - connection:

1. How will you find us?

Click here



1. What about parking?

You can parking in front of the building for free or in the underground garage for 3-6€



Type of apartment:


1. What kind of apartments do you offer?

 We offer apartments with one, two or three rooms. For more information about the apartments are available on site


2. Can you send me a photo room, where we were staying, because you have such nice the orange we choose?

Photos apartment with one room, you can look at:, it is possible that a particular

apartment is occupied.


3. Is the apartment kettle and cutlery?
Each apartment is equipped with basic kitchen equipment including, in particular the kettle and cutlery.


4. I do not completely describe a typical 3 bedroom apartment, can you describe how it is positioned bedroom, couch and kitchen?
The apartment with 3 rooms are two bedrooms and a kitchen
connected with living room, where there is also a double sofa bed.


5. I would like to ask about this accommodation to pets. The fee is € 25 for one night or the whole apartment? Provide the granules?
Clients with well-behaved pets are welcome in our hotel. The fee for each pet is charged in the amount of 25 EUR/night, which represents the cost of cleaning the accommodation. Granules unfortunately not included.

6. I made ​​the transfer, but I did not notice your comment about variable
symbol, so it went without VS. Is this a problem?

   It's not a problem, it is only identify the payment so that we know whether it
payment from you. Since you told us you note that you have to write a VS and so assign payment only.


7. Do you have accommodation with a fireplace?

 As for accommodation for clients apartment with a fireplace have only one, which is located on the ground floor. It is a suite of three rooms which have balconies.


8. You have a suite with a bath?

If you would like a bath duplex apartment / stairs / he is on the fourth floor and has a balcony.


9. Do you have electric heating in apartments?

All apartments have electric heating. The bathroom has underfloor heating. Hot water is solved by an electrical boiler.


10. They are all the same apartment?

Some apartments have a balcony and each is different your device. In some apartments you are interested in mountain style furniture, others are modern furnished.


11. Has Apartment a kitchen?

Yes the apartments have their own kitchen. Each kitchen is equipped with kitchen, cooker hood, cooking utensils, electric cooker, fridge, kettle and microwave.


12. Is oven in the kitchen?

No it is not.


13. Which area is approximately one apartment?
Each apartment has a different size but at least 24 m2. Apartments are very nicely and comfortably furnished.


14. How can i  choose type of apartments? Can we choose , or will you choose?
We select the Apartment, but always according to your requirements. If you are interested in a particular apartment, it is possible to reserve, unless it is not already occupied.


15. Is there  fridge with freezers in the kitchen?
Yes, each apartment has a fridge.

16. Is there a  hairdryer, towels, toal.papier in the apartment?
The hairdryer can be rented at the reception, towels and  toilet paper are in the apartment. But if you ask during your stay to change your towels or supplement toal.paper it is possible, but it will be charged.

Services in Fatrapark:


1. When we come to stay?

Accommodation from 14:00 on the day of arrival and odubytovanie is 10:00. If you wish to later retirement, report it to the reception. If possible we will gladly complied.


2. Skis can be stored in some skiers?

Skis can be stored in a large ski room on the ground floor, where you have a custom box.


3. It is available saloon?

Yes we have a lounge available for about 25-30 people. In the lounge there are table tennis and darts, which we offer to our guests free of charge.


4. What are the options for Internet connectivity in your hotel?

Internet is free at the reception, there is a wifi connection. If you

want internet in your room, it is possible for the extra 2 euros / day.


5. It is necessary to have your snow chains?

Hello, not in the winter, it is not necessary to use chains.


6. It can be parked elsewhere than in the garage?

Yes, we offer outdoor parking in front of the hotel guarded by CCTV Free for our guests.


7. Massage can be booked in advance?

Yes massage can be booked in advance.


8. We can take the dog with you?

Yes, we provide the opportunity for extra accommodation with pets.


About children:


1. It is possible to book a cot with bed-linen?

We can rent a cot with bed-linen. You'll have it ready for the apartment.


2. When we have a child under 3 years and is without breakfast, bed is also free of charge?

Yes, children under 5 years free of charge.


3. What options do you have for children in terms of children's playground and so on?

For children we have a play room, a terrace will delight children's slide, swing, sandpit ...


Surroundings and attractions:


1. They are in some pools near you?

A few minutes by car you can visit the water parks-Bešeňová, Tatralandia, AquaRelax Dolny Kubin and Spa Lucky.


2.Where can we go on a trip?

As for the trip, there are many options:

• Tatralandia 28 km

• Lucky 13 km aquavit

• Thermalpark 13 km

• AquaRelax Dolny Kubin 18 km

• Liptovská Mara 28 km

• UNESCO Vlkolínec 5 km

• Havránok - Celtic settlement 25 km

• The Gothic church of All Saints in Ludrova 7 km

• Bikepark Malino Brdo 200 m

• Hrabovo and lift Malino Brdo 200 m

• ice cave 25 km

• cave of freedom 25 km

• Orava Castle and rafting 27 km


Packages and Specials:


E.g. the LRC

1. Have you rates for groups? Or how can you discount for the group to offer?


Liptov Card Card with more than fifty extra discounts from 5-30% on various services and attractions throughout the region Liptov, parks, museums, castles, restaurants, etc.

15-30% Thermalpark, Tatralandia + aquavit Lucky

15% Aqua Relax Dolny Kubin and aquavit Lucky

25% for adrenaline climbing path, Tarzanka,,

20% on Bowling and Squash


Dining options:


1. Is it possible to order dinner?

For larger groups can book a half-board, ie. breakfast and dinner.


2. As for breakfast?

Breakfast is served as a continental breakfast, / removing a of 6 kinds of foods such as. ham and cheese dish, baked ham with egg, .... /


3. They can also order breakfast spot?

Breakfast, of course, you can also order and pay directly at our reception desk on the day of arrival or at any time during your stay.



4. Can you also broil?

We have for you a garden fireplace, where you can broil ..


5. Do you do Christmas dinner?

Yes, Christmas dinner can be ordered from us. Very glad to provide it.


6. Which will consist of dinner? Just be also in place now or book?

Christmas Eve:

It will be administered by 15.30. - 18.30. The price includes: festive table setting + toast + Christmas + wafers with honey opekance / Pupák / cabbage with poppy + + fish and potato salad.


Payment, advance payments for a stay:


1. I pay 50% of the amount of accommodation for your account?

Yes, after the advance payment is 50% of your stay booked. Moves when payment account will inform you.


2. Just when the description of the transaction will write his name as a variable symbol 9.6-12.6.2011? If I make a deposit into your account you need to send me more confirmation?

Do you write the description of the transaction name. As soon as the money will be held in our account, we will inform you via e - mail.


3. How do I mark deposit bank transfer you to know that it is my payment? Thank you

With regard to the variable symbol, indicate the date of your reservation.


4. When you require accommodation surcharge?

Surcharge for accommodation pay the day of arrival at the reception.


5. Deposit you pay on arrival the total for the two apartments of 50, - EUR?

In each suite we choose a refundable deposit € 50 you will of course upon leaving the apartment after checking the return.


6. It is possible to pay accommodation surcharge for credit card or cash will be required.

Of course you can also make additional payment by credit card.

The second half of the payment for accommodation is to be paid at or before the onset of the stay.

The second half of the payment is to be paid on the day of arrival at the apartment at the reception.


7. Given the short time since our arrival is tomorrow as we implement a reservation?

Given that your arrival is tomorrow and you have booked stay only one night, you can just pay on the day of arrival at the front the entire amount.


8. I would like to pay the full amount, but I have little fear of any unexpected problems that can theoretically always happen (illness etc.).

If it happens that you can not get in and you will automatically be offered another date of your choice. For the same amount or lower prices in the off-season, so at lower prices. You do not have to worry about losing your money.

9. What should I put in a transfer order VS, possibly enough to give his name?

As a variable symbol must specify the date of arrival + Your name: VS 02,012,011 + your name


10. Can I pay with a credit card that is in apartments wi-fi internet connection.

Good evening, of course, be with us to pay by credit card and wi-fi is only in the reception area, the apartment is cable internet in the price of 2 euros / night.


Running a reception Lobby bar:


1. Estimated time of arrival will be after the 18 o'clock, just when it will announce via e-mail?

Reception works nonstop, so boarding is possible at any time on the day of arrival

after 14 00 hours.


2. What time is open to the lobby bar and reception?

Reception and Lobby bar is open for our guests Nonstop.




1. What is the procedure if I have a gift voucher worth 150 Euros and I would like to use it for this accommodation. What to backup?

For gift vouchers pay a deposit. You pay only the day of arrival at the reception city tourist tax of € 0.35 / person / night refundable deposit for the apartment.

2. We are interested in two gift vouchers for low season 4 nights for € 105. When I have to pay a 50% deposit if we do not know the term in which the person stay blessed book? And when to pay the other half? How long should I give the exact date of your stay?

Thanks for your reply. That gift voucher worth 105 euros paid in the off-season and in terms of backups, you can pay only when you know the term for which you want to book a stay. You can pay the full amount of the stay. As soon as you know a specific date, we are very pleased to inform us.


3. We are looking for 2 gift vouchers low season for 4 nights for 105 euros. When do I have to pay a deposit of 50% if they still do not know the term in which you stay blessed person to book? And when to pay the other half? Until I have the precise dates of your stay?
The gift voucher worth € 105 applies in the off season and as regards advance, you can pay only when you know the term, you want to stay on the reservation. You can pay the full amount of the stay.

3. We are looking for 2 gift vouchers low season for 4 nights for 105 €. When do I have to pay a deposit of 50% if they still do not know the term in which will stay donee person to book? And when do we have to pay the other half? Until when do i have to let you know about my term of stay?
The gift voucher in mentioned price 105 € is valid  in the low season and about deposit , you can pay only when you know the term, you want to stay on the reservation. You can pay the full amount of the stay.


4.What does the price in the pricelist include?

The price in the price list includes only accommodation. If you are interested in special offer packages, then it is clearly written under the table, what it is included in this price.



If you should have any further questions we will answer.


Please write to:
Nonstop reception or call + 421 917 765 608

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New apartment house FATRAPARK