New apartment house FATRAPARK

New apartment house FATRAPARK

Pet park with mouflons in Fatrapark

A unique perspective on the mouflon´s field you  arises directly out of the window, balcony or terrace of our apartment house Fatrapark.

Many times mouflons come for food close to the terrace and so their presence will delight not only children but also adults will take.


črieda muflonov pri Fatraparku Muflón obyčajný


Mouflons live in flocks of more. Like hilly, rocky terrain in larger areas. Flock, leading older female guide, rams go at the end of the flock. Mouflons have excellent sight and smell, are very shy and wary, skillful jump and run fast.


Mouflon common (Ovis musimon) is a utility, much furred, hunting deer. It has a typical shape of the sheep's body. It reaches a length from 110 to 130 cm, height at withers 70-90 cm and weight 35-55 kg. Females are smaller and reach up to 30 kg. Mouflon summer coat is short, rust-brown, thick winter coat with a darker mane on the neck, so to stand out white mouflon body parts. Mouflon has a massive curling horns.


mláďa muflóna obyčajnéhoMuflón obyčajný detail


The young mouflon after second month rolls begin to grow and annual mouflon has a long horns from 25 to 35 cm. Initially has a flat corners, in the years to come are already triangular prisms and beaded cross. The number of such folds is determined by the age of mouflon. Coloration is usually dark brown edges and shiny. Growth is generally ends at 10 year. Females are hornless, rarely them can grow short rolls.

New apartment house FATRAPARK